• Projects will require a non refundable deposit of 30% of the total cost before it is begun.

  • I will require a DIGITAL reference sheet of your character before I can agree to work. (with the exception of a reference sheet being the item ordered)

  • For fursuit quotes, I will need a multi-sided reference sheet of your character if they have asymmetric markings.

  • A price quoted is subject to change if there is a substantial time period between requesting the quote, and going  to order the item. Eg: requesting a quote January 2020, and going to order it at that price in November 2020, or if my prices changed between getting your quote and ordering (I will announce on all platforms if a price increase is coming up)

  • If the item commissioned is intended to be used in a commercial product (eg: A game that will be sold) then an    additional fee on top of my regular prices will be calculated.

  • I only take Paypal as my preferred method of payment

  • I can only do business with people over 18, if a customer is under 18 I will will only do business through their      legal guardians.

  • The finished art piece will not be sent to the customer until full payment is received.

  • Payment plans are an option, in which the buyer can pay off an item weekly until the full amount has been payed, after which the item will be dispatched. 
    ----eg: items costs €100, 
           buyer sends €10 per week for 10 weeks,
           In this case, project begins after week 3, (30% paid) and is sent after week 10 (100% paid)

  • The maximum time to pay off a suit after paying the non refundable deposit is 18 months.

  • If you cancel the fursuit commission and wish for a refund, you will be refunded your money except for the non refundable deposit. The suits colours or markings will then be altered so it is a different character, and sold as a premade.

  • Please note that there is a queue and as such, it may take a while before your commission is  completed. Please notify me before the project begins if you need it by a particular date.

  • If you wish to bypass the queue, you can pay an additional fee which will be dependent on the complexity of your project. (rush order). The cost of which is determined by the complexity of the project.

  • For large projects, If the deposit is paid with only a month before a deadline left, a rush order fee will be implemented.   

  • Prices listed are only a rough estimate, for a more accurate price you can message me 

  • Artistic freedom option will lower the price of the project, but the artist has full design control.

  • Pre - made projects will occasionally be available for purchase through auction, or though my Etsy store which    can be found here:

  • Concerning issues with post/courier, the artist is not liable for any issues concerning the delivery of the piece of  art, and are not held responsible for any customs charges that may apply for international shipping. Damage that was sustained during the shipping process is the concern of the courier, though a message to me to indicate any issues during the postage is advised, as I can look into using a new courier in the future.

  • The dispatch of the items is the artists responsibility. All items are quality checked before dispatch.

  • Work in progress pictures can be requested at any time, though a minimum wait period of 5 days between each  request is advised so as not to clutter my inbox.

Digital illustrations

  • I don't charge for the first 3 big revisions, which have to be limited to the sketch stage. Eg: if you asked me to do a drawing of a character squatting, I send you the rough draft sketch of the pose, and you decide actually you would rather them standing, I can change the drawing no problem at this stage so it isn't an issue. However, if I was at the final stage of a drawing, where I'm adding in highlights and finishing touches to a painting, and you decided you wanted them squatting again, I wouldn't be able to make this big change, as that would be about 8 hours of my time gone into a full illustration we could no longer use.

  • After that, small changes such as "I think I want their jacket blue rather than green" are easy fixes and there's no limit on such small alterations

  • If you want a big change after the first 3 allocated revisions, or if it's a change during the final stage of an illustration that's tough to incorporate, then I will charge a small fee, which is determined by the complexity.

  • Pieces containing nudity can be requested, though I retain the right to refuse to do certain projects if I find them    distasteful.

Commercial use

  • Prices listed on my page are for personal use only. If a commission is intended to be used commercially (eg: on a shirt that you intend to sell) then the prices are subject to be higher.


Content Warning:

Please message me to check for anything that hasn't been listed below. I will then add it to one of the two lists.

I can draw the following

  • Varied body types


  • Fantasy

  • Sci-fi

  • Explicit material

  • Blood

  • Gore

  • Horror

  • Maw/Paw

  • Macro/micro

  • Humanoids

  • Monsters

  • Furry/anthropomorphic/feral art

  • Some vore (case by case basis)

  • Anime/manga

  • Armor

  • Mecha

  • Tentacles

I won't draw the following

  • Children in explicit artworks or fetishization 

  • Hate art (racism, anti LGBTQIA+, sexism etc)

  • Rape

  • Scat

  • Hyper phallics

  • Hyper muscles