Digital Illustrations 


Custom made fantasy sculptures made from polymer clay 
start price at €15, start height at 2" (tiny)
specializes in dragons

Glass eyes come as standard

size options: 
tiny (t), 2" €15
small (s), 4" €20
medium (m), 6" €35
large(l), 8" €50
jumbo(j), (anything bigger) private message me (pm) for start price

optional features that can be added to the base price include; 

sculpted scales: (t) €8, (s) €15, (m) €(pm), (l) €(pm), (j) (pm),
sculpted fur: (t) €10, (s) €20, (m) €(pm), (l) €(pm), (j),(pm),
sculpted crest: (t) €5, (s) €10, (m), €25, (l) €(pm), (j),(pm),


Example; A small sculpture featuring scales and crest but no fur would come to,
€20 + €15 + €20 = €55

semi precious gemstones (depends on the gemstone type and how many, pm for details)
small ornaments like tiny keys, roses or props, pm for details
super intricate designs, pm for details, have reference pictures/drawings available.

Weatherproofing available (outdoor eligible) (no paint used)
Artistic freedom option available 
*sweet shop sweetheart* option now available, they arrive in an ornamental jar (coloured liquid included if requested)

rush order at additional costs (due in less than 3 weeks)
(availability dependent on complexity of project)


Base price list;

head: €390 
flat hand paws: €80

puffy hand paws €100 
tail: €50 
sleeves: €80 
Toony eyes are standard
claws: €20 
teeth: €20 
tongue: €20
nose: only soft noses available (minky/ short faux fur/ faux leather)

Note: this is not your final cost, this is the minimum each part will cost.
Things like the complexity of your suit, lots of colours, expensive materials,
or lots of markings will increase the cost.
Please message me for a personal quote on your final cost.
Please include a reference sheet/drawing of your character.

artistic freedom option available which can reduce the costs
( i get to have full design control of the character, you choose a main colour and a species only)

rush order option will lessen the waiting time, but increase the cost.

Client must give a non refundable 30% deposit upon order,
Payment plans available (pay weekly/monthly until the cost of the suit is paid in full, upon which it will be mailed to you. deposit still applies)

Not available but will be in the future;
Resin parts such as resin nose, Resin eyes, Resin base, LED eyes, airbrushing, body suit, plantigrade legs, digitigrade legs, feet paws

message for more details
recipient for this project must be over 18 years of age, or have permission from their guardians.

Available upon request

*Telegram stickers
  no shading: €5 each or 5 stickers for €20
  shading: €5 each


*Character reference sheets (full body)
  Lineart: €15 for 2 poses, €20 for 3 poses
  Colour:  €20 for 2 poses, €30 for 3 poses
  Delux: €30 for 2 poses, €40 for 3 poses, 

zeph ref 2.jpg

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